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Monday, December 12, 2011

b i m m e r - p O r n

as usual..its been a while i'm suffering this BlackMonday syndrome
after meeting around 10am this morning...felt completely exhausted & sleepy now
last 2days is hard & fun for me...pending update on Weekend Project, Workshop & Saturday Night Fever 
to warm-up for blog update this week...i came across this Bimmer-pOrn from my reader
this morning to share with u giys.....hope u enjoy your stay here @ HanGaraj.Blogspot
thanx to for sharing the short trip to BMW Museum in Munich
the we headed to via heavenisinmunich where...
a bimmer in Alpine White Suite complete with BBS LM shoes is like...watching a cougar in white lace lingerie
superb E28 pOrn via

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