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Monday, November 22, 2010

p r o j e c t - n a n i e y

 here some update from HansGarage last weekend on 20th November 2010....
owner like to update the look after 3yrs abusing...
her budget is 1-1.2k for 14inch + tinted glass...but my suggest is 15inch wheel without tint
as always customer always i just leave it to owner to decide
while at the 1st completely change owner views..she decide 15inch for meaner look
because 14inch rim design is limited and look dull for big compact body
here some trial pics wheel to be use

after few negO...we settle for RM1050 which include 
15inch Taiwan Rim 15inch with 6 1/2 wide..ET38...
Falken Azenis (indonesia) 195/55/15
Aluminium Center Cone
Special Lock Lug Nuts
Steel Valve

fake split

jus to remind...if u ever happen to change the wheel...ask them to paint the drum...
its should be free

later to that ..i survey 3 shops for lowered spring for Myvi
                     1st shOp Eibach Rm850-Vogland RM750-GAB/DR.Spring RM500
                     2nd Shop : D2 - RM380
                    3rd  Shop (Kedai.Papan) : GAB RM340..ZR/Bestec RM250  

here some compared shOt of Original and ZR spring
the ZR spring coil bit thin compared to original coil....should be low n soft 

The Great Fake of SSR Professor SP-1

ZR spring drOp  

O n e   H a p p y   O w n e r
with RM1300 Damage to her Purse in 3hours

here some other cool rides wOrldwide rocking SSR Professor SP-1




Rafys78 said...

Er, 16" how much?

hansgarage said...

not sure...16inch usually cost around RM1000-1500 for rim alone...any plan in mind..?? contact me...hehehe

Anonymous said...

burokk...hudohh...tak kena dgn bentuk keta kau...keta bulat patut amik rim yang bukan bulat macam ni...patut amik rim yang halus batangnya dan takde bibir...baru nampak besar dah leh keta bulat mcm tuannya...lebih burok dari rim 13 standard maibee...haiyaaaa...tambah pulak lowered spring cap ayam...confirm sagat lepas 2 tahun spring makin lembik dan lagi turun...hahahaha....