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Monday, November 22, 2010

p r o j e c t - L a n c e r i n g M a n

next day..21st November 2010..updating pending project of LANCERing my fren Wira
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plan of the day
changing to OZ wheels & lowering it using TEIN Sport Spring (used from his Proton Satria GTi)

Wheel Spec 
OZ Chrono...15inch...6 1/2 wide ET40...PCD100x4

it cost RM1200 used from Chop-Shop and RM250 for repaint...RM120 (3pcs) knocking wheels
Damage 'A' RM1570

 Damage to wallet for changing the rims
RM40 (labour&balancing) + RM20 (steel valve) + RM80(Lug Nuts)
Damage 'B' RM140

before lowering it......Wira Lari Look...!!
labour charge for changing the rims RM80 (Change Spring and Alignment)
while on few worn parts
RM120 (absorber mounting) + RM50 (Outer Drive Shaft Cover) + RM60 (chamber adjust)
Damage 'C' RM310

afters 2hours in search for 'wOw' factor and 40mm drop
burn RM2020 in wallet 

soon will do small photoshoot on this car....

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