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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awie Muscle Cramp

tough week for me...because turbo lag in my to update this weekly we are....few update on what i done to my ChampiOn
after few TehTarik Session with members from ChoppersGarage @ MMZ
i'm still fail to get what style i'm plan to do....while in research mode style for his bike 
while chattin CheMat....he suggest for Bobber Style
simple mode....he said just find rear old rims...change the hub...plug-in to the front
plug the rear tyre (130/80) to front....and find supewide can-fit (150/80) to hunting mode
i remember few weeks back, i flick thru came accross diz 1 pair used rim for jaguh
this guy jus wanna get rid of this he already change to sportrim
its in perfect condition...jus few small rust (lite wipe of autosOl would do the trick)
he quote for Front Set RM130(complete with 90% tyres)  & RM70 for rear rim
i plan to buy just for the rear wheel...really need the hub housing...mine currently crack
lucky me....manage to bargain RM130 for both set

reason i take the front wheel front tyre have become slick tyres

after few scrub....

check-in to change the front wheel

while pulling out the front wheel....realise the front brake is jammed
causes??.....just look at the sludge from my caliper....super mud...after years of abuse

i wonder if this bike ever dive into mood inside the main pump

while i'm changin the front wheel..i also change the 
Front wheel bearing - RM20(2pcs)
Front Brake Caliper Kit - RM50
Front Brake Pump Service Kit - RM25
Front Brake Pad - RM 18
Labour - RM8
Total DAMAGE - RM 121

referred to my past post...i'm using wrong plug CR9e during the last service
as recommended by Mr. Techman...i shall use NGK Super CR8eGP - RM12/pcs
the response is great....fuel consumption show some pretty figure
i'm completely satisfied

bike check 
after servicing front wheel, brake & new spark plug
i fried my light fuse...due to high rev while testing new spark plug

lost 1 screw from my meter bracket...

after digging up my toolbox....came across this aluminum screw from my last project

sweet....bit modern look to this old guy

next mOnth repair job on the list
new hub housing...
service front leaking fork
original front fender...just like to maintain it standard tip-tOp condition for daily use
before i'm ready customised it

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Hambali Muhamad said...

hai bro..
willing to sale both jaguh rim to me ?